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Radiation Oncologist

John T. Gwozdz, M.D.
Medical Director, Department of Radiation Oncology

John T. Gwozdz, MDDr. Gwozdz, also known as “Dr. G.”, is board certified in radiation oncology. Dr. Gwozdz has been in private practice for over a decade, treating cancer and caring for patients. He has received numerous honors and awards throughout his educational and private practice career. The cancer research he worked on at MD Anderson Cancer Center is now included in a required textbook, The Principals and Practice of Radiation Oncology, for all radiation oncology residents to read and learn. We invite you to read his resume.

Radiation Oncology Nurse

Shelley Hickmott, RN, BSN, OCN

Shelley is a certified oncology nurse. She provides support, education and a personal connection to patients during a very difficult time. Shelley is board certified in oncology nursing. With her extensive oncology knowledge and nursing skills, Shelley is able to provide you with education and information to empower you to make informed decisions about your cancer treatment options.

Shelley is available for you anytime you have a question about your treatment, how to manage side effects, or just need someone to listen and offer a little understanding. She is dedicated to patients undergoing radiation treatment and is highly trained and uniquely experienced to address your specific needs. She is available every treatment day and you are invited to come back to the nursing area anytime.

Radiation Oncology Nurse’s Aide

Gayla Blades, CNA

Gayla is a certified nursing assistant who has worked exclusively with oncology patients for over 10 years. Patients benefit from Gayla’s personal experience of being a caregiver for her husband. Her husband was treated by Dr. Gwozdz’s for his head and neck cancer and has remained cancer free since 1999.

Radiation Oncology Physicist

The radiation oncology physicist performs quality assurance steps to assure that each patient’s individual treatment plan is accurately delivered to the patient. Throughout the course of a patient’s treatment, the physicist performs regular checks to assure the continued accuracy of treatment delivery. This includes regular machine maintenance and calibration checks of the treatment, planning and imaging machines by the physicist.

Radiation Oncology Dosimetrist

The primary function of the dosimetrist is to use computers and 3D graphics to design the optimum treatment plan with Dr. Gwozdz. This includes selecting the number of beams and the directions from which they will enter and exit the body, and determining the machine settings necessary to deliver the dose prescribed by the physician. They also design the shaping of the beams to block normal tissue while irradiating the target tissue based on the intent of the physician.

Radiation Oncology Therapists

Our radiation therapists are highly skilled individuals who deliver your daily radiation treatment with a high level of comfort and compassion. Our Radiation Therapists work as a team to deliver to you the most accurate, safe and up to date radiation therapy treatment possible.

Crissy Hoecker is an Amarillo College graduate with over 10 years experience. She has been working with Dr. Gwozdz since 2003. Dale Barker is the Chief Radiation Therapist, also a graduate of Amarillo College, with over 14 years experience. Kandice McAffrey, an Amarillo College graduate has been working with Dr. Gwozdz since 2007.